Details Leaked Grand Theft Auto V

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This leak came from someone who claimed to have worked at Rockstar. He revealed few details about GTAV game system in the game forum "Gamespot".

Although was deleted by forum administrator, but the post has been unearthed by the "examiner" with the help of Google cache. Here are some details revealed by the former Rockstar employee.

GTA V has a map of the 5 times bigger than GTA IV. As with other GTA map, this map will be divided into 3 parts.

Players can fly a plane, ranging from fighter jets until private jets.

Cars and weapons can be modified. For example adding a silencer on a gun and put on a nitro car.

Multiplayer GTA V could be played by 32 people at once through the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3, while for the multiplayer PC is unknown. Players may also establish a gang that is no longer ranked with XP, but of Reputation. As the game RDR.

As rumored, the protagonist in the GTA V is Albert da Silva. Half of Hispanic bleeding male is a former family member of a criminal in the Vice City. Now, he decides to care for children who misbehave in the Los Santos.

There has been no official response from Rockstar about the leaking of this information, but when viewed from the information disclosed does seem quite plausible and similar to the rumor that had been circulating.

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