When would GTA V released?

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Until now, Rockstar is still silent about the release of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V, but the leaked release of the game is actually coming from one of its employees.

In addition to the video trailer that has been circulating for some time past, until now Rockstar does not provide any update about GTA V. Never mind about the release date, the latest screenshots did not ever arrive.

However, the latest leak is coming from Alex O'Dwyer, one of Rockstar employees who responsible in making the characters in the GTA V. Through its profile on LinkedIn, he wrote that GTA V will be released in October 2012.

Although his position as an employee of Rockstar, but what is written by O'Dwyer can not be fully trusted. Even the release date is very different from the observations of analysts who had expected GTA V will be released early 2013, or coincide with the holiday season.

Quoted from Joystiq, Monday (09/04/2012), Rockstar themselves are reluctant to comment on the news and current GTA V release date has been removed by O'Dwyer.

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