GTA V Wanted Level (Leaked)

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Rumor about GTA 5 Wanted Level

1 star: Police will follow on foot and tried to catch. There was no siren and no pursuit by car, unless escaped.

2 stars: Police will continue to make arrests. If you pull out a weapon, the police will shoot instantly. Police would use stun gun otherwise revoke a weapon.

3 stars: The chase is done, and the police will do various ways to catch the players.

4 stars: Police will use a trap on the streets, broadcast via radio stations and deploy more army in pursuit. They will be looking for the players for 24 hours and could have scooped another similar character to the players.

5 stars: Police were instructed to shoot on sight. Offender's pursuit will be conducted for 48 hours. Some missions can not be played if the players are to have this rank.

6 stars: Here the military vehicle will come chasing the players. If players can dodge, they will still seek within 72 hours.

There has been no official response from Rockstar about the leaking of this information, but when viewed from the information disclosed does seem quite plausible and similar to the rumor that had been circulating.

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Anonymous said...

there will be 3 playable character.
but what happen if you switch character when you have a high wanted level? the wanted level will be return to zero or it dosen't make a diffrence?

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