11 Leaked Attract in GTA V

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Former employees of Rockstar have revealed some details of Grand Theft Auto V. Of the leak was discovered at least 11 of the most interesting of the game. Here are some interesting things from the leaked GTA V.
  1. The protagonist is a wealthy man who looks in GTA V trailer video, here it'll tell you about the various issues at hand.
  2. Battle with the weapons would be more realistic. If you're shootout in a car that was speeding, the player will be difficult to shoot the target due to go swaying camera.
  3. Police pursuit this time would be better than just running to catch or use the vehicle only. Depending on the crime rate gamer, the police can carry riot shield and flash bang.
  4. If someone gets 4 stars for the wanted level, there will be a warning by some radio stations.
  5. Radio station will report the traffic situation appropriately. If you do not know the route you want to go be checked by telephone or radio.
  6. Television will have a lot of channels.
  7. Protagonist can not die, unlike the last two games Rockstar.
  8. The criminal world economy goes well, the players can be involved directly in it to sell and buy drugs, guns and cars in single-player mode.
  9. The protagonist can use drugs with various side effects. If smoking marijuana on the streets to raise as much as 1 star wanted level.
  10. The police will catch up to the player when driving over the speed limit specified. If have an accident, of course, will also reduce the level of health.
  11. This game will be available in May 2013. Release date is still unknown because it takes about 6 months to develop. The plan demo of this game can be played at E3.

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pol said...

How could this ever be legit if even the picture on top isn't real?

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