GTA 5 PC Version Not Released, Thousands of Fans Protest

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Rockstar is already sure GTA 5 launch in October 2013. Unfortunately, the launch was confirmed only for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Not satisfied with the launch of GTA V that only available for the console, the game is a big fan of named Mike Julliard, make a petition on the website with a request to Rockstar for GTA V game also launched on the PC platform.

We checks the petition insite, until Friday (30/11/2012) afternoon has collected more than 105 thousand GTA game enthusiast that has participated.

In fact, Mike initially targeting only 100 thousand GTA enthusiast that fills the petition. As a result, having surpassed the desired amount, Mike re-add the target up to 150 thousand people.

The content of the petition is:

Rockstar Games

Please release GTA V on PC. GTA games have been a large part of so many people's lives and it's a big shame not seeing the newest iteration of the game being released on the most powerful platform. Things like modifications have always been a HUGE part of PC gaming and modded GTA is some of the most insanely fun times you can have.

I hope you consider the release of GTA V on PC as it'll make many people very happy!

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Anonymous said...

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GTA5Media said...

I'm pretty sure they are going to release it on PC , they said there just focusing on the XBOX and PS3 versions right now

Gaurav joshi said...

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david said...

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Nick Smith said...

According to this article , GTA 5 will be soon released on PC, XBOX One and PS4

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