GTA 5 2nd Trailer Unveiled

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Rockstar Studio as was promised finally released the second video trailer of Grand Theft Auto V, they were doing on Wednesday (13/11) night.

The second trailer released over a year 10 days after the first trailer was revealed three protagonists who will be played, that Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

Video with a duration of 1 minute 51 seconds is has music background with the title "Skeletons" sung Stevie Wonders and is divided into several segments tells each character.

Michael is a former robbers who has two children and retired after working together with local authorities, Trevor is temperamental war veteran who is also a skilled pilot, while Franklin was a car thief who is still young.

Moments earlier, information regarding the identity of the three protagonists are revealed by Game Informer magazine issue of December 2012. This video was originally released shortly after the article appeared, but had to be postponed because of the Rockstar offices in the East Coast of the United States affected by Hurricane Sandy who came at the beginning of the month

Three protagonists initially told separately. Michael lives in a retirement home located in the posh residential area with his wife, and a pair of boys and girls. At first glance, she seemed to enjoy retirement with idle although it was not his world.

Meanwhile, Trevor is told to stay in the open area (in Blaine County adjacent to Mount Chilliad) with poor and disadvantaged people. He showed temperamental character with swearing, persecute, and finally burn a house with Molotov cocktails.

For the character of Franklin, the screen is returned to the atmosphere of urban areas, but this time in the countryside. He demonstrated his colleagues are taking a car of someone's home.

At the end of the video appears three meet-and-greet. Rockstar ensure that the game in GTA V will involve three people in the same action even share roles.

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