5 GTA V Fighter Location Revealed

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GTA V is likely to bring players into the wider virtual world. Some of the leaked the game shows at least five prime location that became the center of the game.

The latest GTA sequel is still to be launched next year, precisely in summer 2013 in the United States. But even so, some online stores have started to pre-order the game starting today.

Well, ahead of his appearance is getting closer, some information was a matter of the game began to emerge. Beginning with the advent of the alleged 5 locations where players will be in action in the world of GTA V.

The five areas are, Vinewood Hills, Grapeseed, Vespuch Canals, Zancudo River and Del Perro Pier. Hmm .. the name is quite strange, but if you look at Rockstar habits, the entire site seems to only play on the original city.

For example Vinewood Hills. This virtual city could be a replica of locations around Hollywood, as well as Zancudo River that allegedly still around the area. While Del Perro Pier is probably the southeastern U.S. like in Santa Monica.

Then Vespuch Canals could be just as downtown normally, without reflecting the original city in America. Then Grapeseed, similar to a vineyard in Napa Valley, California.

In addition, also circulated GTA V poster featuring the figure of a beautiful woman dressed naughty who were arrested by police officers. But for this one photo is not certain what he meant.

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