GTA V Pre-Order Opened 5 November

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Rockstar Games said that the launch of GTA V will be second quartal 2013 or simultaneously with the the spring in the United States.

Rockstar Games has also opened up GTA V pre-orders for gamers who want to be in the first row playing the game. In fact, the session early booking can be done from 5 November 2012, away from the planned launch time.

Quoted Vr-zone, on Wednesday (31/10/2012), Rockstar Games revealed GTA V leaked game from screenshots, trailer, games footage even when played will begin unveiled in November.

"Grand Theft Auto 5 will display the game world's largest and fastest growing we've ever made that set in wide the city start from Los Santos up to the top of the mountain for miles away and headed into the depths of the sea," said Rockstar Games, is trying to make curious gamers.

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Anonymous said...

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Angry Birds Games said...

as usual first mission will be to pick up some one ... ;))

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