3 Main Character in GTA 5

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After previously become a rumor, now Grand Theft Auto main character has not become a secret. At least three main characters in the game.

First is Nikko Belic, the main character in GTA 4 will come in GTA 5. Carl 'CJ', main character in previously, GTA San Andreas also present in GTA 5. Also another, rumor of GTA 5 character will present is Albert de Silva. This name appears in Ned Luke Actor Profile on Internet Movie Database (IMDb) that admitted if he is voice of the character.

Although any information about GTA 5 character, but until this time Rockstar still to remain silent. IMDb even remove the this page that contained with who will become character of this game. This bellow screenshot that display of GTA 5 Character quoted from dualshocknexus (17/11/2011),


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r4 sdhc cards said...

At this time i am playing GTA 4 and in this game Nikko Belic is the best player. The skills of Nikko Belic is the best and better than the other. I always prefer Nikko Belic to play this game.

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