GTA 5 Main Character Rumor

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Main character of GTA 5 now it still remains a mystery. Variaous speculations arise after the video release of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 first trailer. GTA 5 game rumored will more have than one main character.

lthough short, but a video trailer does have a lot of meaning, especially for those GTA series fans. In it are quite visible embryo of this game.

Based on that video, GTA 5 will have any several place can be visited such as beach, mountains area, plantations and other exotic places. Little of game systems already also beginning to show but not yet known who will be the main character.

There is speculation if GTA 5 main character. The first, Tommy Vercetti that become main character in GTA 3 series and Vice City. And then at the video also seemed a young man driving a red sports car being pursued by police. Later other characters that appear black youth who are also wanted by the police. Glance, this character seemed Carl Johnson, the main character in San Adreas.

If it has some main characters,  it could be GTA 5 has a new game system just assume of the multiplayer mode. That case, the mission will be completed by helping each other.

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